Citizen AID-3hrs

citizenAID learn lifesaving skills for use in the event of a deliberate multiple casualty incident.

CPR/BLS/Refresher course (3 hours)

citizenAID: QA Level 2 Award (RQF)
This course is for all members of the public who wish to learn lifesaving skills and techniques in the event of a deliberate multiple casualty incident..

Cost: £25+vat; £30 inc vat;
Time: 9.30am-12.30pm

Course Dates and Corresponding Venues:
Mon, 18 Nov 2019 (Clapham)
Mon, 2 Dec 2019 (Clapham)
Fri, 20 Dec 2019 (Clapham)

We accept:

You can also book over the phone or by email.

020 8133 8552;

This is a regulated qualification designed to teach members of the public life-saving skills for use in the event of a deliberate multiple casualty incident. Based on the citizenAID Pocket Guide and Phone App, this three-hour qualification will teach learners how to react safely, pass on effective messages to the emergency services, prioritise the injured and give life-saving first aid in these extreme situations.

Each learner should download the citizenAID app on their phone (Details will be given). Due to the practical nature of this course, Learners should wear appropriate clothing and footwear, e.g. Trousers and flat footwear.

Course Description:

On completion of the training, successful candidates should be able to:
  1. Be able to use the citizenAID app/pocket guide in an emergency situation
    1. Use the citizenAID app/pocket guide to determine appropriate actions to take in the event of:
      • Active shooter or knife attacker
      • Unattended item
      • Suspicious item
      • Exploded bomb
    2. Use the citizenAID app/pocket guide to:
      • Communicate an incident report to the emergency services
      • Triage multiple casualties
      • Provide a casualty handover to the emergency services
  2. Be able to provide immediate first aid to an unresponsive casualty who is breathing
    1. Open a casualty´s airway and check breathing
    2. Place a casualty into the recovery position
  3. Be able to provide first aid to a casualty with severe external bleeding
    1. Demonstrate packing and pressure into a wound using:
      • improvised dressings
      • manufactured dressings
    2. Demonstrate the application of:
      • an improvised tourniquet
      • a manufactured tourniquet


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